2021.05.03 | SUPERTMATIK, STAGE 4: INTERNATIONAL GRAND FINALE - May 14 · May 28, 2021.


2021.04.11 | SUPERTMATIK, Registration of School FINALISTS for The International Grand Finale until April, 30. For more info, please visit Competition section.


2021.03.25 | SUPERTMATIK Mental Math International Competition STAGE 3: FINALISTS Selection - until April, 09


2021.02.26 | Due to an unexpected (higher than expected) number of entries in this last week of February, our application overloaded which affected the speed of navigation. In view of this setback, the Organizing Committee has decided to extend the deadline to complete phase 2 until March, 10.


2021.01.18 | 15th Mental Math International Competition, a worldwide mathematical Competition for pupils aged 6 to 15 and aims to develop and consolidate their mental maths skills. Enrolment is now open until January 31st, 2021. For more, please visit Competition section.


2020.11.29 | Best Christmas Sales 2020: The biggest sale for educational games. Online only, click HERE


2020.11.05 | SUPERTMATIK 2019/20 Final ResuTS: now  






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