Formula Dino

FORMULA DINO is a roll-and-move board game with a distinct approach: players can roll the dice a second time, if they're not happy with the first roll, but they must accept the result of the second! This simple rule turns a typical roll-and-move game, based on pure luck, into a much more interesting challenge: players have to make their own decisions in order to increase their chances of winning.

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FORMULA DINO is an extremely engaging board game! 5 friendly dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era come out on a very hot day. They decide to race each other and try to be the first to dive into a large cool pond. It is simple and easy to play, FORMULA DINO is great for kids who are learning to count. It teaches children to understand and recognise numbers and number relationships. They learn to count, compare and add. FORMULA DINO also encourages small children to apply logic and to make their own decisions. They also learn social skills: for example, to respect each other’s space, to wait their turn, and how to win or lose gracefully. Age: 3+.