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superT pack en

superT pack en

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Mental Math International Competition, 15th edition

 - 2020/21 -

An amazing international competition for primary and secondary school students (6-15 years)


Thousands of students united by mathematics





Results NOW available

Login using the finalist login details (S000…) and get your certificate / diploma that includes the position you came

Prizes will be sent to the schools by June 18, 2021.

Schools are free to organise their own ceremonies to hand out prizes.

Official SUPERTMATIK Support: 00351 966 208 191 email:





SUPERTMATIK Mental Math game is a mathematical card game played in schools since 2005. Best known as "SUPER T", this mental math game has proven to successfully engage students in grades 1 through 9 (students aged between 6 and 15 years). In 2007 EUDACTICA publishers, created the International SUPERTMATIK Mental Math Competition, a contest based in the SUPERTMATIK card game. This contest has become a key event in the teaching of mathematics. The central principle of this championship is for students to develop basic competence in mathematics from the beginning of their schooling through constructive play, interesting and involving them in it via a fun way of learning.





 Due to coronavirus concerns, the SUPERTMATIK Competition 2020/21 will be held online-only.





 Click RULES to access the 2020-2021 Official Rules






Registration is Now Closed


The teacher coordinating the activity is kindly asked to compile the online registration below (registration is open till 31st January 2021). Following registration, students are encouraged to become familiar with the rules of the game and to practise with their peers using the SUPERTMATIK Mental Math APP. The competition is held within the school in order to identify the finalists who will represent the school in each category. The Grand Finale will take place between 14th and 28th May 2021.


Join the thousands of schools worldwide already using SUPERTMATIK. Check worldwide school testimonials here.


The SUPERTMATIK's app is available on iOS and Android and you may also PlayOn Browser.



How to play SUPERTMATIK online?


To learn how to play SUPERTMATIK Mental Math online in the game modes used in the Competition, click the buttons below for instant access to the demo videos:





 For further information kindly contact: E: | T. 00351 966 208 191. 



___________Enrollment is Now CLOSED___________