13th SUPERTMATIK Mental Maths Challenge, Maths can be exciting… (2018/19 Academic year)         TV Spot

SUPERTMATIK Mental Maths is a worldwide mathematical Challenge for pupils aged 6 to 15 and aims to develop and consolidate their mental maths skills. 


Why should I register?

    1. Mental Maths is a key skill
    2. Practising doesn't just help students develop academically, it's also a useful life skill
    3. SUPERTMATIK increases pupil engagement and will keep ALL students motivated - everyone can play at their own level
    4. SUPERTMATIK can be used in multiple classrooms at all grade levels
    5. SUPERTMATIK offers students the opportunity to shine whatever their ability




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Schools participating for the first time

You may try SUPERTMATIK Mental Maths at no cost. If your school is participating for the first time in the SUPERTMATIK mental maths challenge, but does not have any games, you can borrow games through the School Kits Loan!

Also, play online with real opponents from all over the world HERE or install SUPERTMATIK mobile app.


 Registration is open from September 1, 2018 until January 31, 2019 (form at the bottom of this page).




How do students progress throught the Challenge?

     • Stage 1 (Intra-class Tournaments): knockout rounds for students in the same class to compete against each other to select the class champions, rst runners up and second runners up. The draw which will determine the matches will follow the guidelines and a list of draws made available by the Organizers to teacher coordinators;
    • Stage 2 (Inter-class Tournament): this knockout round will be contested between the champions, 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up of each class belonging to the same year group to determine the inter-class champions, 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up;
    • Stage 3 (Grand Online Final): the champions, 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up for each school year group will participate in the Grand Online Final (students will have access to on-line game training sessions before progressing to this stage).


For further information kindly contact: E: | T. 00351 966 208 191.